“The Shirt”

Dress Shirt Dry Cleaning

Our expert process ensures that your shirt is:


  • Clean and bright
  • Spot and soil-free
  • Starched to satisfaction
  • Smooth and wrinkle-free
  • With a full set of buttons
  • Without loose threads or open seams
  • Properly packaged

While the business suit says much about the business person who is wearing it, once the coat comes off, it is the shirt that does all of the talking. For this reason, DELIA’S Cleaners introduced “The Shirt.” The key to “The Shirt” is, quite simply, attention to detail. Buttons are tightened or replaced. Collars and cuffs are perfectly pressed. Shirts are starched to preference, then returned on hangers or folded, again according to your preference.

The Business Shirt

Any collared or collarless men’s or women’s shirt that is cotton or cotton/poly blend that has buttons all the way down the front. Any shirt that has the following features is not considered a business shirt: inverted or creased pockets, embroidered trims, shoulder pads and flared sleeves, Painted fabrics, Pleats larger than 3/4 inch, Lace or ruffles and Snaps.

Tuxedo Shirt

This shirt can feature pleats, ruffles and flared sleeves, but should not have color embroidered trims, which can run.

Western Shirt

These shirts often have oversized pockets and snaps and flared sleeves, and a large back flap. Again, color embroidered trim can run.

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