Quality: Our Cleaning Products

A big part of quality is consistency. Not only must every garment look amazing. But every garment after that one must look just clean and bright. Here’s how we strive to provide quality in laundry and dry cleaning. Quality Check Points: Laundry Pre-spotting Scrubbing cuffs and collars Net bagging shirts. …

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The Benefits of LED Lights for Christmas

Christmas LED lights

Once upon a time candles were used to add decorative lights to Christmas trees and while it may have been a beautiful sight, it was a huge fire danger. Around 1900, electric incandescent Christmas tree lights appeared. They were easier to use and significantly safer. Today, LED technology is quickly …

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Earth Day – Why Green Cleaning Matters

Everyday is Earth Day at DELIA'S Cleaners

While we celebrate Earth Day officially every April, at DELIA’S Cleaners, every day is Earth Day. We are committed to continually seeking out, using and sharing the best eco-friendly business practices in our industry. We use an environmentally sound cleaning process, recycle hangers and bags, and offer re-usable Express Bags …

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What Does The “4 Leaf” Rating Mean To You?

At DELIA’S Cleaners, we care about you and our environment. That’s why we have worked diligently to earn a “4 Leaf Rating” from the Green Cleaners Council. Our general cleaning process utilizes biodegradable solutions. Our expert professionals treat every garment individually giving you the highest quality clothing care that is …

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