Tide Dry Cleaners Coupons

We all know that saving money here and there can make a big difference. That’s why we continue to offer special savings through our monthly emails and online coupons. 

Every month, we send out special offers for savings on blankets and comforters, as well as coupons good for savings on your entire dry cleaning order. You can also find the coupons on our website.  

Using Our Coupons

Keep in mind, for any of our Phoenix locations, you must present the coupon you wish to use when you drop off your cleaning. We do not automatically apply coupons to any order. This includes our ValueClub and Inner Circle Rewards coupons. We accept only one coupon with each order, so plan your trips to Tide Dry Cleaners and DELIA’S Cleaners to maximize your savings. If you forget to bring your coupon or wish to avoid paper waste, simply show it to us on your phone or mobile device.

If you don’t receive our emails, sign-up on our website, or ask one of our sales associates to help you. We value our customers and their loyalty and believe it should be rewarded.

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