Cleaning Holiday Stains


Thanksgiving signals the start of the fall and winter holidays. And, usually this means fabulous feasts with friends and families. Unfortunately, it can also mean unsightly stains on linens, tablecloths, and also clothing. Even though your holidays may be filled with parties, shopping, and outings, it’s important to remember that …

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With Thanks at Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the unofficial opening event to the holiday season. As we prepare for visits with family and friends, we are reminded about all the blessings we enjoy in our lives at home, with our families, and at work. It makes us realize how lucky we are to count you …

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Tide Dry Cleaners Coupons

We all know that saving money here and there can make a big difference. That’s why we continue to offer special savings through our monthly emails and online coupons.  Every month, we send out special offers for savings on blankets and comforters, as well as coupons good for savings on your …

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What Is Veterans Day?


How did Veterans Day come to be? The signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919 officially ended World War I, “The Great War.”  However, the actual fighting ended when an armistice went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – …

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How To Pack Without Wrinkles


For even the most seasoned traveler, packing for a trip can be a chore. Arriving with wrinkled clothing is even more difficult. At DELIA’S Cleaners well make sure you pack so your clothes are wrinkle-free and ready before your leave. And, these tips from our pros may even help you …

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Tide Inner Circle Benefits


Your ValueClub rewards just got better! Introducing Tide Dry Cleaners Inner Circle Rewards, the best dry cleaning rewards program available. From exclusive email promotions to hassle-free point tracking, you are always the first to know what’s new at Tide Dry Cleaners. Special perks like our express bag, 24/7 drop-off & …

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Caring for Raincoats

We all know that when it rains in Phoenix, it can really pour. So, keeping your raincoats in the best condition possible is essential. When properly cared for, your raincoat protects you from rain and wind. It keeps you warm, whether going to work, a ball game, or out on …

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Caring for Chocolate & Other Candy Stains

Chocolate stains

One of the best parts of Fall is the sweet tastes and of the holidays. But, children and adults often forget about candy in their pants or shirt pockets. They unknowingly wipe their hands on the clothes or spill on upholstered furniture and rugs while eating chocolatey, sticky treats.  We …

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Integrating Fall Into Existing Wardrobes

existing wardrobe

In our September 20 blog, we shared some exciting new fashion trends for Fall 2018. Not all of us can afford to invest in a new wardrobe each year, so how do we incorporate some of these trends into our existing wardrobes without breaking the bank? Prioritize  Pick one or …

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Out With Summer; In With Fall & Winter


Seasonal changes bring wardrobe changes and for many that means packing and unpacking seasonal clothing. These tips will help you keep organized for each season, and ensure your clothes last for years. Seasonal Changes Evaluate. Before you dry clean and pack everything from summer and spring away, take time to …

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