Meet Peggy at the DC Ranch Store

Peggy is celebrating 13 years with DELIA’S Cleaners this November. She has worked as a store associate at five different locations. Currently, she works at the DC Ranch store, the second busiest location in the DELIA’S Cleaners family of stores. Everywhere she goes Peggy earns a reputation for her contagious smile, …

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Buttons & Their Care from DELIA’S Cleaners!

DELIA'S Cleaners & Buttons

At DELIA’S Cleaners we work with tens of thousands of buttons of all shapes, sizes, colors, materials and styles. For the most part, cleaning garments with buttons is straightforward. It’s always good to know, however, if they can be dry cleaned, especially when it comes to a specialty button and those used …

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DELIA’S Cleaners – A Sweet Experience

DELIA'S Cleaners Candy Bowl

At DELIA’S Cleaners, every visit is a sweet experience, from being greeted by name to picking up beautifully cleaned clothing and finding your favorite flavor or candy waiting on the counter. When started offering our customers hard candies, we had no idea how popular they’d become, and how much you …

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Say Hello to Kevin!

Kevin - the backbone of operations

Kevin Dieker joined DELIA’S Cleaners as facilities manager in March 2015. His association with company date back to 2010 when he worked as a technician for the company that provided DELIA’S Cleaners refrigeration service. Kevin is the backbone of our plants’ management and operations.  On a daily basis, he manages …

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Keep Your Golf Shirts Looking Their Best

DELIA'S Cleaners experts in golf shirts

Golfers love to wear cool, comfortable clothes that flex with their bodies as they move through each powerful swing. And, there is little doubt that golfers also like to look their best on and off the course. Keeping your classic golf shirt looking its best is not always an easy …

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Your Cleaning Order: From Store to Plant and Back Again!

DELIA'S Cleaning processes!

Have you ever wondered what happens after you leave your cleaning order with DELIA’S Cleaners?  You may have noticed that there is not plant on-site. We’ve centralized our operations in two Phoenix plants for two reasons. First, it allows our entire store staff to focus on our customers. Second, it …

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A Virtual Tour of DELIA’S Cleaners

Have you ever wondered where your clothes go once you drop them off at your local DELIA’S Cleaners? Your friendly DELIA’S Team members, will accept your garments, sort, inspect and ready the items for transportation to our central cleaning facility. DELIA’S Cleaners has a team of drivers that visit each …

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Some of the Worst Stains We’ve Seen


Just when we think we’ve seen it all, another type of stain shows up in a load of dry cleaning! Don’t despair. Stains are a normal work issue for DELIA’S Cleaners. Even so, some may a bit harder to remove — and more unusual — than others. Here are a …

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Getting Clothes Repaired at DELIA’S Cleaners

We all know that high-quality, well-made clothing will last longer, fit and feel better. So why don’t we consider and care for clothing as an investment that can influence and communicate our unique image, self-confidence and success to others? After all, feeling good in your clothes means you do better …

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Meet Brittany!

Brittany of DELIA'S Cleaners

Brittany joined the DELIA’S Cleaners family two and a half years ago as a sales associate. She was attracted to our company because we offered a flexible schedule, which allows her to work and spend time with her family. If you’ve met her, you know that Brittany is a people …

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