Suit Care 101

suit careBuying a suit is an investment, and like all investments, you’ll want to take care of it so you can maximize its value. Our pros put together these tips on how you can care for your suits so they last for years to come.

  1. Brush your suit gently after each wearing with a brush made from natural fibers. This removes dust and dirt from every day wear before it can work it’s way into the fabric.
  2. Hang your suit on a valet stand or chair so it can breathe before storing it in a closet. This keeps the natural fibers fresh and lets them relax back into shape.
  3. Never press a suit at home. Bring it to DELIA’S Cleaners for a quick touch up if needed between cleanings. Ironing at the wrong temperature can melt the fibers and cause an unwanted sheen on the fabric.
  4. Blot, don’t rub to clean any spill as rubbing can damage fibers. Never add water as it may cause the stain to settle deeper in the fibers of the fabric. Take any stained item to DELIA’S Cleaners and let us know what caused it. Our professionals will apply the type of treatment needed for each stain.
  5. All clothes fade slightly when cleaned or laundered. To keep your suit looking like it goes together, dry clean all the pieces together.
  6. Dry clean all suits prior to storing them for the season.

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