Site Criteria


Household median income greater than ADI median household income.


Approximately 3,000 or more households in the trade area. The trade area would be that geographical area that would equate to the same distance the shopper of the home would travel to do normal grocery shopping. A trade area is usually 1-3 miles.


25,000 ADT in front of site; 35,000 ADT combined traffic for intersections.

Activity Generators

Retail shopping, major grocery stores, drug stores, concentrated office. Site convenient for morning and afternoon commute traffic. Visibility to main street.


5-10 full size spaces convenient to store entrance, or dedicated 15 minute spaces.


In line store 1200-1500 square feet located close to major tenant, 20′ frontage full glass, vanilla shell, with single restroom, drive-thru (if available).

Store Type

Pad store 1500-2000 square feet with possible availability for drive-thru, close to main street, located on residential commute.


At least one storefront sign of minimum 24″ individually-illuminated block letters.

Lease Terms

Leases of in line locations, 3-5 year with options; possible purchase of Pad locations.

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