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For over 35 years DELIA’S Cleaners has been a predominant name in the dry cleaning industry with over 18 company owned locations in Arizona. DELIA’S stores are owned and operated by DELPHI Management Group, Inc. Current expansion plans call for all additional stores to be 100% company owned.

The company possesses proven management expertise, with the senior management team averaging over 12 years of industry expertise. With the combined business management expertise of the various regional operations, the company has a platform from which to continue new store openings and the acquisition of regional operations and individual store locations.

New retail locations are serviced by a central cleaning facility

This enables DELIA’S to provide the highest quality service in a clean, smartly-appointed retail store. It allows us to eliminate the unpleasant odors and excessive heat so often associated with dry cleaning operations. The “satellite” concept also means that every retail location is environmentally safe, with absolutely no toxic chemical or hazardous waste threats to the shopping center. Because all locations have central facility pick-ups and deliveries daily, all of these benefits come with no compromise in customer service or quality.


The focus at DELIA’S Cleaners in a single word is VALUE. That means delivering the highest levels of convenience, service and quality for the lowest price possible. Convenience is provided through our full-service stores, each of which features a full range of offerings: Open Sundays, Professional Shirt Laundry, Alterations and Repairs, Household Items and Draperies, Leather and Suede Cleaning, Bridal Gown Preservation and special Formal Wear Care and Same Day Cleaning. Our training program is one of the industry’s most comprehensive, making our Services first class, thanks to a friendly, well-trained staff of sales associates, who have both the knowledge and concern to assist customers with their cleaning decisions. Quality is assured by state-of-the-art equipment not typically found in smaller dry cleaning facilities, and by the most experienced professionals to be found anywhere in the industry.

Advantages to Landlords

  • Draws quality shopper demographics
  • Creates repeat destination traffic
  • Every transaction means two shopping center trips (drop off/pick up)
  • Quality image enhances center

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DELIA’S Cleaners
3824 E. Roeser Road
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