DELIA’S Cleaners realizes more than most how rain, snow and wind can ruin fabrics and dull colors, while robbing garments of their ability to keep the wearer dry. Our special cleaning process restores original colors and textures.


Regular fabrics are sturdy and heavy in weight. They include wools, cottons, some polyesters and rayons. Regular fabrics can be any color, except white.


Outerwear with small amounts of trim, beads, studs, patches or embossing, requires special care in order to ensure that the garments come back looking great. Similarly, outerwear with leather or suede trim also requires the special care of our Leather and Suede Service. Refer to the Leather and Suede page for more information.

Down Fiberfill

These “puffy” outerwear garments contain down goose feathers or fiberfill in the lining. These require special handling — and they get just that at DELIA’S Cleaners.

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