Invisible Stains

invisibleHave you ever discovered a new stain on your clothes after it’s been laundered or dry cleaned? The culprit may be an invisible stain.

Causes Of Invisible Stains

Perhaps you spilled soda, coffee, salsa, sauce, or some type of food on your clothes at lunch or while rushing to get to work or a meeting. Following your natural instincts, you try to scrub it out with water as soon as possible. Or you reach for a trusted stain removal stick and try that. Usually, the stain disappears and you’re relieved to see that you caught it in time. Unfortunately, all that scrubbing only pushes the stain deeper into the fabric fibers, creating an invisible stain, one that reappears when you least expect it. In fact, depending on what caused the stain, using water may actually have set the stain permanently.

Often it is due to heat from normal cleaning processes or pressing. Even light heat makes sugar stains caramelize and oil stains oxidize, which makes invisible stains noticeable blemishes. The stain you thought you had taken care of comes back to the surface. 

At this point, it’s very difficult to remove these stains, but not always impossible. Bring the garment to DELIA’S Cleaners and let us know the following:

  1. What caused the stain
  2. What you did to treat it at home
  3. When it reappeared

In the future, when a spill takes place bring the garment to DELIA’S Cleaners as soon as possible. Our trained professionals will know the exact treatment needed for each type of stain, and in almost all cases, will be able to remove it.

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