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Keys to Success

Value… Our exclusive focus

Value, by dictionary definition, is the measurement of what you get for what you pay. At our stores, for more than 30 years, delivering maximum value has been the centerpiece of our philosophy for doing business. That means more Quality, more Convenience, and more Service, all for prices that, by themselves, are more attractive than most any of our competitors.

How do we do it?

Commitment. Commitment to remaining number one. Commitment to our customers and our employees. Commitment to those components of success quality, convenience, service and price.

Customer satisfaction begins with convenience

Whether it is location, hours of operation, or the ability to combine a number of services into one stop, convenience is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. DELIA’S stores can now be found in over 19 locations, with all locations open Sundays. We have developed an operational system that allows us to simplify details and take care of our customers’ needs with a high degree of efficiency. We are continuously studying and developing new standard-setting methodologies to improve speed without compromising quality.

The Service Difference… Highly motivated, highly trained people

We have developed rigorous recruiting and screening programs, as well as very attractive compensations packages, that enable us to hire exceptionally friendly and intelligent team members, people who (1) want to help customers and (2) have the skill to do it. Every new associate goes through a comprehensive training program, including role playing and instruction under simulated conditions. Proprietary training manuals have been developed to facilitate the training process, including ongoing refresher training.

The latest technology and the finest people

This has been the winning combination for over 35 years. Since we opened our doors, our Master Cleaners use the finest cleaning products available along with state-of-the-art equipment. Our award-winning professionals, along with our specialized finishers, produce fast and dependable results ensuring that all garments go back to our customers bright and sparkling.

Managing the standard

We are absolutely relentless about maintaining our standards. Given the carefully designed simplicity of our operations, our focus on Quality Control and Customer Service is intense. Frequent reviews are provided to ensure that our team members consistently meet our standards. Finally, our standards encompass office support staff who support our stores with the same high standards of quality, speed and friendly service.

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