DELIA’S Cleaners Expands Support for UMOM

UMOM Michelle's storyDELIA’S Cleaners believes in the mission and vision of UMOM, which is why we held our recent Winter Wear Drive. The need for their services continues to grow, however, as does their need for support. As a result of seeing first-hand the positive impact of UMOM’s work, we are excited to announce our expanded support for their work.

We hope that hearing about UMOM’s successes will inspire you like they have us, and that you, too, will become more involved.

UMOM serves thousands of homeless adults and children each year through its range of services like Emergency Shelter and Affordable Housing. Many families experience tremendous success at UMOM and after they leave. Here is one such story.

Michelle’s UMOM Story

In 2008, Michelle came to UMOM with her 16-month-old daughter, Uriel. Michelle’s diabetes was uncontrolled and so, she was very sick. As a result, sometimes she wasn’t even able to get out of bed. With the help of the Wellness Center staff at UMOM, Michelle received the medical care and education she needed. She got immunizations for her daughter had her evaluated for a speech delay.

Michelle began contemplating a career in health care, and soon decided to go back to college to become a registered nurse and moved with Uriel to UMOM’s Transitional Living program. Michelle got a part-time job and worked and went to school.  Uriel attended UMOM’s Child Development Center.

After saving enough, Michelle she moved into The Legacy Crossing, one of UMOM’s affordable housing communities. She is applying to nursing school and works at two part-time jobs. And of course, she takes care of Uriel, who is a smart and energetic kindergartener.

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