Five Things To Know As You Celebrate Memorial Day

For many of us, Memorial Day is a three-day weekend and the beginning of summer. And, it is a time to barbecue with family and friends. However, there is much more to Memorial Day than that. These facts may provide some perspective on this important day.   Five Facts About Memorial Day Memorial …

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Why You Bring Cleaning to DELIA’S Cleaners More Often

Like most errands, people try to minimize their trips to the dry cleaners, no matter how pleasant. However, visiting DELIA’S Cleaners more often actually can be a very smart strategy as regular dry cleaning pays off in many ways. Without a doubt, wearing clothes that are fresh and neatly pressed …

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Pet Problems?

We are a community of pet lovers and as a result, caring for a pet comes with clothing challenges. From muddy paws, hair, dander, feathers and more all need to be removed occasionally from clothing. Here are some fail-safe tips for dealing with these problems. Clothing Tips for Pet Owners Knowing …

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Proper Winter Clothes Storage

Packing Winter Clothes

Spring is here and that means it is time to put away your winter clothing for the season. Here are a few quick tips to ensure that your cold weather wardrobe will be protected and ready for use next fall. Whether you use storage bins, a spare closet or a …

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Items You Should Never Wash At Home

Never Clean Suits At Home

We know you wonder, and we are often asked, “Do I really need to dry clean this?” The best answer is, “It depends on the garment and its cleaning needs. However, there are a few things that your should always bring to DELIA’S Cleaners for professional care. Never Try These At Home Garments …

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Can Club Soda Really Remove Stains?

Club Soda Stains

Have you heard claims that club soda is an ideal solution for removing stains? We wondered if these claims were true, and so did the 107-year-old Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI). DLI conducted a study on this age-old remedy on 10 common food stains. Their findings were mixed. Club Soda …

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New Year’s Clothing Resolutions

Happy New Year! A new year means that it is time to think about how we want to change and improve our lives in the coming months. To help, the professionals at DELIA’S Cleaners put together a list of resolutions that will help keep your wardrobe looking its best. We …

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Three Steps to Cleaning Your Closet for Charity

Closet Cleaning

We’ve heard that many of you want to support our Winter Wear Drive, but aren’t sure where to start. To help, we put together these three steps on how to Clean Your Closet for Charity. Step One: As you go through your closet, ask yourself these questions: Have you worn …

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How Can I Reduce The Wrinkling in My Linen Clothes?

Wrinkle-free Linen

This is a question we hear often! Linen is one of most everyone’s most-loved staples, especially here in Arizona. Unfortunately, with linen, wrinkles are a fact of life. Here are a few tips we like to share that can help lessen the wrinkles in your favorite clothes in between cleanings. …

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