Fall Fashion That Might Need TLC

Fashion trends

Fall is officially here! That means it’s time to embrace the 2018 fall fashion styles. According to InStyle, there are six new trends that will keep you looking smart. Many of these require TLC – Tender Loving Cleaning – so be sure to read labels, and check with DELIA’S Cleaners …

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Suit Care 101

cleaning your suit

Buying a suit is an investment, and like all investments, you’ll want to take care of it so you can maximize its value. Our pros put together these tips on how you can care for your suits so they last for years to come. Brush your suit gently after each …

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Invisible Stains


Have you ever discovered a new stain on your clothes after it’s been laundered or dry cleaned? The culprit may be an invisible stain. Causes Of Invisible Stains Perhaps you spilled soda, coffee, salsa, sauce, or some type of food on your clothes at lunch or while rushing to get …

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Back To School Clothing Care

There are a number of reasons to miss summer including the return of back to school laundry and dry cleaning. Developing a routine may be the best approach for you and your kids. Establish a laundry sorting station with hampers for colors, white, and dry clean. This will save you …

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No Moths Allowed


It’s happened to all of us. You pull out a favorite sweater, scarf, or coat, and there’s a hole, right in front! You’ve got clothing moths! Now what? First, isolate the garment by putting it in a sealed plastic bag. Then, pop it in your freezer for a few days. …

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Complete Your Wardrobe With Alterations

Any garment will look significantly better when it fits properly, according to costume designer and author Alison Freer. Below is an excerpt from her book on clothing alterations that are worth it. This piece was originally published in the Huffington Post. And remember, DELIA’S Cleaners can complete most of the …

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Should I Dry Clean My Golf Shirts?

One of our customers recently shared this question with us, “Should I dry clean my golf shirts and does it make a difference in how long the colors stay bright?” We turned to our golfing friends for their personal advice, some of whom are pros. Here’s what they said.  Golf …

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Folding Business Shirts for Travel

Business travelers know that a wrinkled shirt can create an impression and impact the results of the trip – negatively. That’s why packing these shirts to minimize the amount of wrinkles that will develop en route is crucial. While there are many techniques, we’ve found this process to be most …

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Dry Cleaning Basics

We are often asked how best to work with us to ensure the best results. We asked our experts their opinions and put together some dry cleaning basics to keep in mind. Care Labels Clothes with tags reading “dry clean only” should go to DELIA’S Cleaners for professional cleaning. If …

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5 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips to Save You Money

While laundry may not be a big expense relative to other household bills, it can add up if you wash your clothes frequently. This is especially true for apartment dwellers and other who rely on coin-operated machines. And then there is the environmental impact of detergents, water, and electricity, and …

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