Jean Care 101

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans that looks and feels amazing. The good news is that they can last for years, with the proper care. But, not everyone has time for proper denim care. Your best strategy may be to bring your jeans and denim to Tide Cleaners. Our …

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Storing Winter Clothes

Spring in Phoenix means a change of weather and a change of wardrobe! Before you make the switch, think about how you will pack up your winter clothes. Otherwise you might be in for an unpleasant surprise when winter weather returns. Keep your winter clothes fresh. Wash or dry clean …

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Quality: Our Cleaning Products

A big part of quality is consistency. Not only must every garment look amazing. But every garment after that one must look just clean and bright. Here’s how we strive to provide quality in laundry and dry cleaning. Quality Check Points: Laundry Pre-spotting Scrubbing cuffs and collars Net bagging shirts. …

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When Should You Dry Clean Your Winter Coat?


We are well into winter, which means we are all bundling up in cozy winter coats to keep the elements at bay and to stay nice and warm. Your coat attracts stains and odors while protecting you from the elements. The best way to remove these is dry cleaning. Types …

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Desert Chic: Phoenix Fashion In Winter

winter fashion

Let’s get real. Everyone who has lived in the Phoenix area for any amount of time knows to be prepared for temperature swings that can go from over 100 degrees to below 50 degrees in a 24-hour period. And, that’s just summer. So, when winter comes, how do you dress? …

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DELIA’S Cleaners is Joining Tide Dry Cleaners!

Please read this personal note from our founder, Phil D’Elia, as he shares insights on the evolution of our family-owned and operated business.  Back when I started DELIA’S Cleaners 23 years ago, I never dreamed what the future had in store. That we would have 21 locations and serve tens …

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Removing Medicine & Cough Syrup Stains

It’s here: cold and flu season. And, with it comes cough syrup and medicines, all of which can cause stains on clothing and furniture. Our expert cleaning team put together some tips they’ve tried personally to help you avoid permanent damage. Clothing The best option is to bring the garment …

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Back-To-Black™ and Tide Restore™ for Whites


You’ve trusted Tide in your homes for laundry for more than 65 years. Today, our innovative cleaning processes do the same for your dry cleaning. Shirts look newer longer and colors stay vibrant. While tough on dirt and stains, our process is gentle on your favorite clothes. In fact, our …

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Cleaning Holiday Stains


Thanksgiving signals the start of the fall and winter holidays. And, usually this means fabulous feasts with friends and families. Unfortunately, it can also mean unsightly stains on linens, tablecloths, and also clothing. Even though your holidays may be filled with parties, shopping, and outings, it’s important to remember that …

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How To Pack Without Wrinkles


For even the most seasoned traveler, packing for a trip can be a chore. Arriving with wrinkled clothing is even more difficult. At DELIA’S Cleaners well make sure you pack so your clothes are wrinkle-free and ready before your leave. And, these tips from our pros may even help you …

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