Transitioning Your High School Wardrobe to College

Ok, so your high school clothes rocked! But will they fit into your new college environment? If you aren’t sure, consider these ideas on making a memorable impression at college all year. From High School to College Leave the high school themed T-shirts and sweats at home. Instead, sport some …

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Celebrate Your Personal Independence

personal independence

Every July 4th we come together to celebrate our nation’s independence with picnics, parades, sports, and fireworks. There are few virtues more important than independence as we all strive to lead our own lives. Achieving personal independence is a unique process for every individual. It may be expressed by our …

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Bridal and Heirlooming Services

The wedding is over and you’ve retuned from your honeymoon. You are settling into the next stage of your life. You have only one thing left to do – pack away your wedding dress. But, how do you preserve your memories and investment for your daughters or granddaughters? Rely on the experts …

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Five Tips For Summer Travelers

Summer is here and it is time for vacation! You picked the destination and made the reservations, and all that’s left is deciding what to bring and how to pack. First, get your summer clothes out of storage and bring them to DELIA’S Cleaners for a quick cleaning. Start your …

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Five Job Interview Business Dressing Tips


We all know that first impressions are important, especially in a job interview. How you are dressed speaks volumes about your personality and character to a potential employer. In the same way you tailor your resume to a specific job, you should wear clothing that’s appropriate for the job and …

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Creative Ways To Change Your Look: Accessorize!


Everyone, at some point, gets bored with their closet and desperately want a new look or an entire new wardrobe! Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford such a big splurge. The next time the mood strikes you, change the way you accessorize. Stylist Marissa Webb said, “I consider accessories the …

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How Clothes Should Fit

Fit of cuffs

  Have you ever bought an outfit only to find that when you put it on, it did not look at all like it did in the store? It may not be the outfit, but the fit. It does not matter how much your clothes cost, if the fit is wrong, …

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Fashion Blogs to Watch in 2017

Over the past decade personal style fashion bloggers have become a driving force in the fashion industry. As a result, they are regular guests on television talk shows. In addition, many have front row seats at fashion shows and some have become household names. Today there are hundreds of fashion bloggers, therefore, it’s hard …

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Why Do Men’s and Women’s Shirts Button Differently?

Have you ever put on a shirt and thought, “This is buttoning backwards?” If so, you were probably wearing a shirt that was designed for the opposite sex. It’s a little known fact that men’s and women’s shirts and jackets button differently – men’s on the right and women’s on …

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Tim Gunn’s Top Fashion Crimes

Fashion icon, Tim Gunn, has three pet peeves that he lists as his top fashion crimes that anyone can make. He originally only had two, but recently added a third, saying that they all go hand-in-hand. A lack of consciousness for silhouette, proportion and fit Trying too hard Clothing maintenance …

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