Delayed Stains Can Crash Your Party


We’ve all had that sudden panic when we bring out our best table cloth for the holidays only to see stains we don’t remember from the previous year. What happened? Two types of stains are most common on table cloths: water-based and oil-based stains. Water-based stains such as coffee and …

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Integrating Fall Into Existing Wardrobes

existing wardrobe

In our September 20 blog, we shared some exciting new fashion trends for Fall 2018. Not all of us can afford to invest in a new wardrobe each year, so how do we incorporate some of these trends into our existing wardrobes without breaking the bank? Prioritize  Pick one or …

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Three Steps To A Winning Wardrobe

How you dress expresses more than your fashion preferences. It can communicate self-confidence, character, attitude, interests, and more. And, we all know a first impression can be a lasting impression, especially when it comes to work and new relationships. These three steps will help you weed out clothing that’s not …

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Is Cashmere Better Than Wool? You Decide.


Unlike wool, cashmere is made from hair, which is the source of its unique and advantageous properties. Which is better? It depends on the situation and personal preference. But, this list may help you make a decision. Advantages Of Cashmere Warmth: Cashmere’s insulation capacity is between three and eight times …

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Top Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

It is time to check out the top fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2018. From New York to London, and Milan to Paris, one of the tops themes is “clothes to party in.” Trimmed in sparkles, feathers, and tassels, embellishments are no longer just for after hours. Trench coats, …

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Never Wear The Same Thing Twice Without Breaking Your Budget

It seems like your colleague never wears the same clothes twice! How can that be? It’s simple, they’ve built an Interchangeable Wardrobe (IW) using just about 14 different pieces of clothing and some basic accessories! Owning an IW means that every piece of clothing in your closet works with nearly every …

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How to Pack for Wrinkle-Free Holidays


Often winter holidays include visits to relatives or much anticipated vacations. Wherever you go, you don’t want your clothing to arrive too wrinkled to wear.  Our cleaning professionals put together some packing tips that will help your clothes arrive ready to wear. Preparing to Pack Without Wrinkles: Wrap dresses, skirts, …

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Winter Coats and Jackets Phoenix-Style


What types of coats and jackets are best suited for a Phoenix winter? Once you get them, how do you care for them so they last for more than one season? Winter Coat Options Wool. A winter coat or jacket made of a lightweight wool will keep out the chill …

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Does Your Denim Jacket Work for Every Occasion?


We’ve all had at least one favorite denim jacket. And, if we could, we’d wear it every day and everywhere. But, does it work for every occasion? The short answer is yes. If paired and styled correctly, denim jackets can fit into any social setting. And, denim can keep you …

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