Caring for Raincoats

rain coatsWe all know that when it rains in Phoenix, it can really pour. So, keeping your raincoats in the best condition possible is essential. When properly cared for, your raincoat protects you from rain and wind. It keeps you warm, whether going to work, a ball game, or out on the town. 

Raincoats come in a variety of fabrics. These include wool gabardines, blends of polyester and rayon, cotton and wool, and even coated velvets. As with any garment, raincoats have special cleaning needs. Many use different combinations of fabrics, which are often treated with water repellent finishes. These finishes usually have a degree of permanency that will withstand most environments. However, like everything else, rain resistant finishes get old, tired and weak. Normal wear and tear, abrasions, spills from hot beverages, and regular dry cleaning affects these finishes. Over time their rain repelling effectiveness can fade. 

Repellent And Raincoats

When water no longer beads up and rolls off, retreat the rainwear at a professional dry cleaners such as DELIA’S Cleaners. We apply the water-repellent finishes with specialized equipment. Remember, a raincoat that doesn’t repel the rain lets the water get to your clothes. This causes serious collateral damage, and leaves you feeling cold, and miserable when you get caught in a down pour.

Some raincoats go through the “waterproofing” process, in which a rubber coating is applied to the reverse side of the coat. These coats generally do not respond well to dry cleaning and may need wet-cleaning. This type of rainwear can often be mislabeled “Dry Clean Only.” Responsible dry cleaners like DELIA’S Cleaners watch for this error and recommend proper treatments. 

Wet or dry, DELIA’S Cleaners will help your raincoats look and perform their best, so you stay warm, clean, and cozy in any kind of weather.

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