Wedding Dresses, Gowns, & Heirlooming


You will never own anything more beautiful, more special, or more symbolic of the most precious day of your life. Whether you choose a gown that is traditional or modern, elegant or simple, you should protect your investment and your memories with DELIA’S Heirlooming Service.


First, one of DELIA’S Cleaners’ professionally trained technicians will inspect your gown, veil and any accessories for spots, tears or other problem areas requiring special attention. Your gown will then be hand delivered to one of DELIA’S Cleaners’ trained cleaners who will treat the gown using the gentlest formulas possible. Hand cleaning follows with special attention given to delicate areas.

Fluff-drying ensures that the gown will suffer no ill effects from over-exposure to heat. All repair work will be done at this point, including minor repairs on buttons and beads, and any additional work requested. We will then press and hand finish the gown, giving special attention to detailed areas.

The gown is then given its final inspection to ensure that your Family Heirloom will still be magnificent after years of storage.

Following final inspection DELIA’S Cleaners’ specialists will then shape and carefully pack the gown and accessories with tissue paper for safe keeping in our attractive heirlooming storage box.

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