Bridal and Heirlooming Services

Wedding Is Over at DELIA'S CleanersThe wedding is over and you’ve retuned from your honeymoon. You are settling into the next stage of your life. You have only one thing left to do – pack away your wedding dress. But, how do you preserve your memories and investment for your daughters or granddaughters?

Rely on the experts to properly preserve your bridal gown. Customers trust DELIA’S Cleaners to preserve and heirloom hundreds of wedding gowns each year. Over decades of experience working with wedding gowns we developed a fail-safe process.

Wedding Gown Preservation
  • First, one of our professionally trained technicians inspects the entire dress. They check the veil, bridal train, and any other accessories. They identify tears, spots, stains, loose beading, and any other problems before preservation.
  • Second, one of DELIA’S Cleaners trained professionals cleans your gown.  Our experts use the gentlest process to effectively remove any dirt or stains. They hand-clean the gown, paying special attention to delicate trims and beading. We fluff-dry the garments to avoid over-exposure to heat on the delicate fabrics and lace.
  • Third, our tailoring professionals carefully complete repairs. This may include buttons, beads, or other items you request. As a result, your gown looks like new.
  • Fourth, we press and hand finish your wedding dress. Our professionals give special attention to the detail areas of each gown.
  • Fifth, DELIA’S Cleaners specialists thoroughly inspect your gown, shape, and carefully pack it with the accessories. You receive your gown beautifully packaged in our attractive heirlooming storage box where it should stay until you are ready to use it again.

At DELIA’S Cleaners, we know that your wedding dress is an important part of your life and an investment you’d like to protect.

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