Caring for Raincoats

We all know that when it rains in Phoenix, it can really pour. So, keeping your raincoats in the best condition possible is essential. When properly cared for, your raincoat protects you from rain and wind. It keeps you warm, whether going to work, a ball game, or out on …

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Caring for Chocolate & Other Candy Stains

Chocolate stains

One of the best parts of Fall is the sweet tastes and of the holidays. But, children and adults often forget about candy in their pants or shirt pockets. They unknowingly wipe their hands on the clothes or spill on upholstered furniture and rugs while eating chocolatey, sticky treats.  We …

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Integrating Fall Into Existing Wardrobes

existing wardrobe

In our September 20 blog, we shared some exciting new fashion trends for Fall 2018. Not all of us can afford to invest in a new wardrobe each year, so how do we incorporate some of these trends into our existing wardrobes without breaking the bank? Prioritize  Pick one or …

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Out With Summer; In With Fall & Winter


Seasonal changes bring wardrobe changes and for many that means packing and unpacking seasonal clothing. These tips will help you keep organized for each season, and ensure your clothes last for years. Seasonal Changes Evaluate. Before you dry clean and pack everything from summer and spring away, take time to …

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Fall Fashion That Might Need TLC

Fashion trends

Fall is officially here! That means it’s time to embrace the 2018 fall fashion styles. According to InStyle, there are six new trends that will keep you looking smart. Many of these require TLC – Tender Loving Cleaning – so be sure to read labels, and check with DELIA’S Cleaners …

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Suit Care 101

cleaning your suit

Buying a suit is an investment, and like all investments, you’ll want to take care of it so you can maximize its value. Our pros put together these tips on how you can care for your suits so they last for years to come. Brush your suit gently after each …

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Invisible Stains


Have you ever discovered a new stain on your clothes after it’s been laundered or dry cleaned? The culprit may be an invisible stain. Causes Of Invisible Stains Perhaps you spilled soda, coffee, salsa, sauce, or some type of food on your clothes at lunch or while rushing to get …

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Back To School Clothing Care

There are a number of reasons to miss summer including the return of back to school laundry and dry cleaning. Developing a routine may be the best approach for you and your kids. Establish a laundry sorting station with hampers for colors, white, and dry clean. This will save you …

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No Moths Allowed


It’s happened to all of us. You pull out a favorite sweater, scarf, or coat, and there’s a hole, right in front! You’ve got clothing moths! Now what? First, isolate the garment by putting it in a sealed plastic bag. Then, pop it in your freezer for a few days. …

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What To Wear On An Airplane


As clothing care experts, we automatically think about what we would wear on the adventures our customers tell us they are about to take. And, they seem to go virtually everywhere, from trips to the East Coast, European vacations, business travel to New York, and safaris in Africa.  While pretty …

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